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Earth, our only home in this Universe, is in peril, and so is all life inhabiting it. Yet despite all the threats facing humanity, we are scattered and ridden by conflict, strife, and ruthless competition. There is no common vision of what we, and our world, can become, and thus we drift aimlessly, constantly distracted and circumvented by each other.

This singular spark of life in a boundless Universe could easily turn back into nothingness -- or become a great force of good in the World. The next few years will be decisive, and it is up to us whether Earth will return to a mote of dust or carry the light of life farther.

Imagine what humanity could accomplish in unison and how far we could reach if united around common values and a shared philosophy. By coming together for this purpose we create a confluence of spirit and bring forth a unified vision of the World.

Proposed goals

These are ambitious, long-term endeavours that will require unprecedented, multilateral cooperation and much time and resources -- so why not start planning here and now. Go ahead and explore, and add your thoughts where you wish -- but please Log In or Register first.